Regional Workforce & Community Readiness Initiative

AU Program Design

There's nothing like being part of something meaningful.
America Unites is a partnership program designed and developed through research at the

National Minority Technology Council's Looking Forward Research and Development Initiative

America Unites is a program designed to foster hope and economic development in urban and rural communities of need across the U.S. and around the world. AU brings knowledge management, infrastructure and technology innovation through membership 

memorandum of understandings, smart contracts and community engaged public/private partnerships.

AU provides Cybersecurity, Blockchain, UAS  and other STEM-CTE workforce pathways to students, parents, teachers and faculty in places of learning around the globe .

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Cohesion Framework

Building a Nation of Producers

Let us Partner with your Career


National Minority Technology Council

Unlock Your Potential - With over 65,000 Minority Technology Employers located across the U.S.,  it is no wonder that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available today! 

You Interview, We Hire.  It's that Simple

Put the guessing out of your career search.  We'll show you how to interview and set up one-on-one interviews that will be accessed by thousands of employers real time.  Employers are able to make better decisions because candidates are pre-screened.

How it Works

Success is not an accident, it is pursued.  Our network of tech company employers is the largest of its kind in the nation.  We interview you and send your completed profile to thousands of employers.

On the Job Training

Our ability to keep in contact with you virtually includes a unique virtual connector that keeps your skills in check after you have completed the workshop(s) during the career pathfinder event.

National Interview Workshops

Landing your dream job is a process not a destination.  Part of the challenge is how you present yourself at the time of your interview.  Our industry workshops include research and interview techniques and much more!

Career Pathway Events are being developed for the following locations below

  1    New York-Newark
  2    Los Angeles
  3    Chicago
  4    Washington DC
  5    San Francisco
  6    Dallas-Fort Worth
  7    Miami
  8    Atlanta
  9    Detroit
10    Cleveland

11     Kansas City
12     Las Vegas
13     Indianapolis
14     Puerto Rico
15     Cincinnati
16     Raleigh-Durham
17     Virginia Beach-Norfolk
18     New Orleans
19     Birmingham
20     Boston

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